Olivier Danvel

Trust * Hard Work * Success

OD Fund's challenge

Convert $10k to $1m in 1000 days by Olivier Danvel

One Decision for your Family

Welcome to a potentially life changing opportunity.

I am ready to start the second phase of my strategy, and this is your invitation to join me.


Maximum 1000 investors

Investment from $5 000

Max. Capitalisation $10 million

Target: x100


Build you own success

The Start of my Project

Convert $10k to $1m in 1000 days by Olivier Danvel

It all began after a successful 2019.

In January, I reached 'Popular Investor' status at eToro.

In May, I have launched my Dynamic Strategy.

In December, Sebastien and I had a new idea:
How to make a million from nothing.

We knew that this could only be done with Crypto.

And after, 3 months of brainstorming, 3 months of strategy
testing, we were ready for our first trades in August 2020.
We started with just $10k…

My personal Core Objective

I am building my 'Personal Pension' in 3 phases

• Phase 1 : from $10k to $1m
• Phase 2 : from $1m to $100m
• Phase 3 : from $100m to $10b

Today, February 1st 2022,
my funds are up from
$10k to $400k
in about 550 days.

I am ready to start Phase 2 very soon and I want to share it
with YOU.

Will you join me to achieve this ?

Resume of the trading:

From my eToro account > my 3 binance accounts > my Maiar DEX account

Details of the trading:

Take a look at the trading history of the strategy from
August 2020 to December 2021.

Aug20-Jan21 BTC trade on eToro +$30k profits.

Feb-Mar21 BTC-ETH on eToro +$35k profits.

Feb21 BNB-Pancake on Binance 1 +$25k profits.

April 2021 the global account is @ $100k.

I achieved x10 or 1000 % in 250 days.

Apr-Nov21 EGLDBTC trading on Binance 3 +$400k profits. (part1)

Apr-Nov21 EGLDBTC trading on Binance 3 +$400k profits. (part2)

Nov21 Algo+LivePeer on Binance 2 +$20k profits.

20th of November global account @ $560k.

Move all the funds to Maiar DEX.
Swaping, Adding Liquidity, Farming, Harvesting.

August 2020 to February 2022, 550 days passed.

I still have 450 days to achieve my goal.

Are you ready ?!